What is the certificate?
The certificate is the offical document provided by AIESEC to confirm the participation of the Exchange Participant(you).

How can I download it?
You will be able to download the certificate after your experience ended, as soon as you filled out the AIESEC Standards Survey in your Profile ( My Profile -> My Applications -> Opportuniy of Participation).

Opportunity End date passed,
Standard Survey (16Questions filled out)

Where do I find the option to download the certificate?
You will find the option in your aiesec.org profile. Go to your profile by clicking your Profile Icon on the Top Right Corner of the Browser. Go to the Tab Applications. Find the Opportuniy you particapted in. Scroll down to the Tab "Certificate".

Why do I need to fill the survey?
This survey is valuable feedback for AIESEC to improve their Exchange Products for you. This is one step and

The certificate is not loading?
Don´t worry, it might take a while (up to 30 seconds) to create this certifiaction.

Can I change my name?
Unfortunately, there is currently no way to change the name in the document. It will automatically use the name in your profile.
However, we are planning to introduce an option in the near future. If you want to stay updated inform us via the Intercom (Blue Message Box on the Bottom-Right)

I was on Exchange long time ago. Am I also eligible for a certificate?
Unfortunately we only issue the certificate for exchange experiences that started around May 2017

The survey is a new feature introduced in May 2017 to put a higher emphazise on quality exchange experiences, to make our desired Standards more transparent to our customers and to receive valuable feedback from all of our Exchange Participants.
Have a great day and thank you for making the world a better place!

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