You can edit information that appears on your AIESEC profile, such as your main profile photo or professional details from your account settings.

The different sections of your profile include:

  • Personal details: Update the basics about who you are and where you live, including your profile photo uploaded from your gallery. Click Save at the bottom of the page to save your changes.
  • Contact details: Add your social networks like Facebook and Linked In, also your phone number.
  • Professional details: Update the industries you've worked in, your skills, and the position(s) you've held by clicking the pencil icon next to the appropriate heading.  You can add an Academic or Professional experience you've held by clicking the blue "Add experience" button.
  • Files: You can upload a Curriculum Vitae, which will be downloaded to evaluate your application. Please note that the maximum size for CV.  You may need to reduce the size of your CV, using tools like Small PDF or another tool, in order for the upload process to work.

You need to complete your profile before you can apply for an opportunity, begin updating your profile now.

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