Have you ever wondered what is our organization’s purpose? How we do what we do and what we really do?  The AIESEC way is the answer.
It is divided into three main categories: Why, How and What.

Why? AIESEC strive to achieve peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential.

How? AIESEC puts its confidence in youth to make the world a better place. Its members believe in leadership as the main solution and that it can be developed in everyone. Therefore, the qualities that describe leadership are as follows: self-awareness, world citizen, solution oriented and empowering others.  

AIESEC makes you Self-Aware, you will be able to understand and live personal values, focus on strengths over weaknesses and explore your passions.
AIESEC gives you the chance to be a World Citizen through believing in your ability to make a difference in the world, to be interested in world issues and enjoying taking responsibility to improve the world.
AIESEC helps you to be Solution Oriented and that by adapting and showing resilience in the face of challenges, transmitting positivity to move forward throughout uncertainty and taking risks when needed.
Also, AIESEC enables you to Empower Others by communicating effectively in diverse environments, developing & empowering other people and engaging with others to achieve a bigger purpose.

To achieve the fulfillment of humankind’s potential, AIESEC enables youth to develop their leadership potential through learning from practical experiences in challenging environments. We do this as follow:

  • Innovation and creativity are constantly improved within the organization. Striving for Excellence and delivering the highest quality performance is one of the goals of AIESEC.
  • Also, AIESEC’s members Demonstrate Integrity by being consistent and transparent in taking decisions and are committed of what they believe in. 
  • We Enjoy Participation and create a dynamic and welcoming environment through the active and enthusiastic participation of individuals. 
  • Acting Sustainably for the organization and society. The decisions are made according to the needs of the next generations.
  • Activating Leadership by developing the skills of the youth through actions and results. 
  • Learning from different mindsets and way of life represents AIESEC’s Living Diversity part, for that, we encourage the contribution of every individual.
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