Leadership Development Model is the core of our organization. It is the process that AIESEC uses, through its different programmes, to enable youth to be ready to realize their fullest potential.
Leadership Development Model is the center of what AIESEC stands for and it embraces 3 key parts:

1- The Leadership Qualities:

The leadership qualities are what AIESEC want its customers to get after going on an exchange program or finishing a team experience. It si composed of: 

  • World Citizen: “I am aware of what is going on in theworld and enjoy taking an active role in contributingtowards making it a better place for everyone.”
  • Self Aware: “I know what I am good at, what’s important to me, and what I am passionate about. I amconstantly exploring what I want to achieve in my life.”
  • Empowering others: “I am able to communicateideas clearly, engage in meaningful conversations withothers, and co-create spaces of collaborationthat empower people to take action.
  • Solution orientation: “I come up with solutions to
    challenges. I am flexible and I am always ready to take the
    necessary risks .Every time I fall I always stand back up.”

2- Inner & Outer Journey: 

During his experience in AIESEC, the customer will go through an inner and outer journey in order to develop his leadership qualities.

The inner journey is a personal journey of a customer. And to facilitate his experience, AIESEC needs to facilitate his outer journey. 

3- Standards and Satisfaction: 

This is the part that facilitate the Outer Journey. It describes the daily activities that AIESEC’s members need to accomplish in a team, in the perspective of assisting the customer in their Outer Journey to have a positive impact on the inner journey.

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