Soo, your host entity is not providing you the best experience ever and they are not even carring about that? SO SORRY FOR THAT 

So, let's fix it!

First of all, stay calm!It's very important to try to deal with this in the best way as possible. Remember that we need to ensure that all the 16 Standarts should be delivered to you

If we are not delivering the 16 points to you, you can tell the entities that!
Gather all the proofs that your host entity are being unresponsible and contact them and tell them all the situation that you are going through and see if they can fix the problem! If they dont answer you, contact your home entity and tell all the problems that they are going to help you as well.

Remember you can always complain and share your opinions to the enitites about their attitudes and help us to become a better organization!

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