Well that's the best part!!! AIESEC is present in 127 Countries with various Local Chapters in Countries. 

Therefore you will work with people from various Countries. 

So let's start with a few on the list!! 

  1. Brazil:

Probably the most fun loving people! Brazilians celebrate life like no other people!! And boy do they have some of the best dance moves to learn from!! 

  2. India:

Don't just go by the age of their Civilization, Indians are interesting people to know about. Wouldn't you like to spark a conversation with someone from one of the Youngest populations of the World?? 

3. Egypt:

A Country whose tales of beautiful Princesses, Pharaohs and some of the most enchanting legends never cease to surprise us!! 

And the list goes on. 

  • France 
  • Turkey
  • Vietnam 
  • Mainland of China 
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia 
  • Russia  
  • Japan 
  • Spain

Okay I've lost count!!

Every opportunity caters to multiple applications which received from all over the 127 Countries where AIESEC is present. And that's what makes it interesting. 

There are a lot of names in the list that I skipped but they are best kept a surprise. 

Haven't applied for an opportunity?? Well what are you waiting for!!! Click on the explore button and choose from the diversity of opportunities the portal has to offer!!  

Hope this helps :) 


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