Hello there!!

Are you ready to go on a life changing experience???!!!
Are You Excited!!??!?

Okay then!! Here are a few important things to keep in mind!!!

The DON'Ts.

  1. Don't take your instructions lightly:

Listen carefully to what you Home or Host Entity have to tell you about. The information comes in handy in a lot situations and you must be aware about it.

2. Don't fight with your exchange buddies:

We at AIESEC strongly believe in maintaining understanding among each other. This is what helps us create strong bonds and this is what will help you build strong friendships that last long. If you are facing any inconvenience with respect to your co exchange buddies, get in touch with your AIESEC buddy (your EP Buddy) he/she will help you sort things out but a fight should not be your way of being Solution oriented.

3. Don't invite trouble for yourself:

There are two sides to a coin. While one side of it is positive, the other side of it is negative. You must not involve yourself in any activities that creates a negative impact  on your AIESEC experience or the people around you. Know when to refuse :)

4. Don't Run away or back home:

If you are facing any issues or inconvenience to any extent, inform the 2 most important people of all. Your Manager back home and your buddy before taking the decision to go back home. It will help us solve your problems more efficiently.

5. No Substance Abuse:

Though we are the Youth and we believe in having fun and living every moment, it is highly recommended that you do not involve yourself in any such activities. And anyway, you'll have every memory of your exchange with you when you are sober Vs when you aren't :P.

The DOs.

  1. Read your Contract and Guidelines carefully:

Your host entity during application will provide you with certain set of guidelines with respect to the opportunity, read them carefully and if you have any doubts, you can always approach them about it. 

2. Get to know the Culture:

It is your host entity's responsibility to induct you through an "Outgoing Preparation Seminar" and at the same time it is your responsibility to attend it. Get to know about the Place (maybe Food, Culture, Practices etc)that will be your home for the upcoming weeks or Months.

3. Keep People informed about your whereabouts:

Always keep your Manager back in the host Entity and your "EP Buddy" who will contact you from the Host Entity about you plans and activities. (In case your Buddy does not contact you in time, inform your Home entity about it). Someone should always know about your whereabouts should you need them.

4. Respect the Culture and Accept the differences:

You must learn to respect the Culture around you. The World isn't so big but it has a lot to teach you. You will come across new and sometimes unusual things but as you accept the differences in the People and Places around, you will realize that the World is a beautiful place.

5. Have Fun!!:

An AIESEC exchange is an amazing and beautiful experience to live!! The worst part is it won't be forever. But that is the beauty of impermanence. My advice to you would be to make every moment count!! 

Alright!!! You are ready to go!! 

I wish you All the best for your experience!!!!

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