Ralph Nader has rightly said that “The function of leadership if to produce more leaders and not more followers”.

As catchy as it sounds, but in order to create leaders you must first be one. And in order to be the one, you need to know the leadership qualities you possess. Isn't that right Mr. Obama?! 

What is the LDA all about? 

The Leadership Development Assessment or the LDA is tool that is used to assess and Exchange Participant’s (your) leadership qualities. The assessment is a simple set of questions that revolves around the 4 Major Elements of leadership.

1. Self Aware:

It is the knowledge about one's own character and feelings. The assessment helps you know what you strengths are and the areas where you can improvise. 

2. Empowering Others:

If you want to lift yourself up, lift someone else up. A great leader knows how to bring energy in oneself and the people around them. 

3. World Citizen:

It refers to the person identifies oneself as a part of an emerging community and whose contributions help to build the values and practices of the World.

4. Solution Oriented:

An AIESEC exchange puts you out of your comfort zone during which you come across obstacles. Rather than dwelling on the problems faced, a leader takes active approach in solving the problems he/she comes across. The assessment helps you determine your extent of solution orientation and your ability to actively look for solution to the problems you face.

Okay okay!! 

How do I take my LDA? 

In the course of your AIESEC Exchange, the LDA mandatorily has to be taken twice

  1. After your Opportunity Manager has accepted your application, Log into your aiesec.org account. 

2. Go to your profile page and click on your "Applications" tab and select the opportunity for which you have been accepted.

3. Click on the button that says "Take your initial LDA"
4.Your report will take a few minutes before it is generated and you are good to go!

After you complete your AIESEC Exchange. The exit LDA is as important as the initial as it sums up the insights on your development.

Haven't taken the LDA yet? Click on the button given below. And take your step towards leadership. 

You can only fill the LDA if you have been accepted to an opportunity and signed the Acceptance Note

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