To ensure delivery of quality leadership development experiences, AIESEC has a set of standards to be followed for any internship we provide. We call this the 16 Standards. They are grouped into 4 blocks, with different responsibilities from the AIESEC HOME and HOST entities.

AIESEC Exchange Standards

  1. The EP can legally enter and stay in the country/territory and perform the activities stated in the Opportunity. AIESEC has provided in written format all the information required to arrange for any documents, visa or work permits that may be required.
  2. The EP is picked up by a representative of AIESEC. Before realization the Host entity will state where the EP will be picked up and has provided written information to the EP on any domestic transportation required to arrive at this point of pickup.
  3. The Host entity has offered in written format information on how to depart from the country at least two weeks before the end of the internship.
  4. The Job Description executed by the EP has to correspond with the Job Description of the Opportunity and has clearly stated individual responsibilities and goals.
  5. The internship lasts from a minimum of 6 weeks to a maximum of 78 weeks from the first day to the last day of the internship.
  6. The activities related executing the Job Description are a minimum of 35 hours/week for Global Talent and 25 hours/week for Global Volunteer and Global Entrepreneur.
  7. A representative of AIESEC ensures that the EP is assisted to the place/organization of work on the first day of the internship.
  8. The Home entity ensures that the EP has a valid insurance policy to cover basic medical costs for the duration of the exchange.
  9. The accommodation standard, conditions and costs during the internship correspond to the information provided on the Opportunity. AIESEC arranges this accommodation for the EP.
  10. The Opportunity specifies if any financial or non-financial compensation would be provided during the internship and the actual conditions correspond with it.
  11. The Home entity has provided a space for goal seeng based on Leadership Development Assessment result.
  12. The Home entity must offer an Outgoing Preparation (for leadership development of the EP, including space for AIESEC purpose [AIESEC Way] explanation) before EP leaves for internship.
  13. The Host entity has provided with basic information regarding the country/territory of their internship in a written format including as a minimum information on culture, political situation, safety, living standards, home and host contacts (phone number and email).
  14. The Host entity must offer an Incoming Preparation (for leadership development of EP and follow up on his/herpersonal goals set before traveling) once the EP arrives to the host entity, and before the internship starts.
  15. The host entity must ensure that the Opportunity Provider provides at least one space to align Job Description with personal goals and one space to debrief on it before the end of the internship.
  16. The home entity must offer a Debriefing (for leadership development of the EP, including space for checking on personal goals) at the end of the internship.

If you are currently taking an internship, for Global Volunteer or Global Entrepreneur for 3 weeks after the experience starts, or for Global Talent for 2 months of the experience, please fill the Standard survey:

In the case any Standard is not fulfilled

Our enforcement teams are made up of dedicated professionals, but they’re still human. So, in rare cases, enforcement decisions may be incorrect. If you disagree with a decision we’ve made:

  1. Contact the AIESEC responsible from your host entity - report your experience.
  2. Contact the AIESEC responsible from yourhome entity - report your experience.
  3. Check our Experience Programmes Policy (XPP) in order to know which are the following steps that you/AIESEC needs to do.

Will the standards change over time?

We’re always learning and growing and the standards will evolve over time. Make sure to review the standards if you have any questions about a particular situation.

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