The AIESEC Exchange Standards.

Standards are a measure to validate the quality of Leadership Development Experiences provided by the entities of AIESEC globally. We call these the 16 Exchange Standards, wherein they are grouped into 4 different Blocks and handled by the AIESEC HOST and HOME entities whereas the NPS or the Net Promoter score is a survey that will help us (AIESECers) measure and validate the the satisfaction delivered.

You receive the above assessment in the form of questions as shown below to which you simply have to answer with YES/NO.


Still confused about the Standards? Let’s break them down!!

  1. The Home Entity should you provide a space for goal setting based on your Leadership Development Assessment result.
  2. The Home entity must offer you an Outgoing Preparation Seminar (including space for AIESEC purpose (AIESEC way) explanation) before you leave for your exchange journey.
  3. The Host entity should provide you with basic information on culture, political situation, safety, living standards, home and host contacts (phone number and email).
  4. The host entity must offer you an Incoming Preparation Seminar before the internship starts.
  5. The Host must ensure that the opportunity provider provides you with at least one space to align Job description and personal goals and one space to debrief on before the end of the internship. 
  6. The Home entity must offer you a debriefing at the end of the internship.

7. The Host Entity should provide you in written format, all the information required to arrange for any documents, visa or work permits may be required.

8. You are received by an AIESEC representative. The Host entity should state the location where you will be received from and should provide you with any domestic transportation required to reach the given point to pick up.

9. The Host entity should offer you in written format, information on how to depart from the Country at least 2 weeks before the end of your exchange.

10. The Job Description executed by you has to correspond with the Job Description of the opportunity and should have clearly stated individual responsibilities and goals.

11. The internship should last from a minimum of 6 weeks to a maximum of 78 weeks from the first day to the last day of the internship.

12. The activities related executing the Job Description should be a maximum of 35 hours/week for GT and 25 hours/week for GV/GE.

13. A representative of AIESEC ensures that you are assisted to the place/ organization of work on the first day of the internship.

14. The Home entity should ensure that you have a valid insurance policy to cover basic medical costs for the duration of the exchange.

15. The accommodation standard, conditions and costs during the internship correspond to the information provided on the Opportunity. AIESEC arranges this accommodation.

16. The opportunity should specify if any financial or non-financial compensation would be provided during the internship and the actual conditions corresponding with it.

How can I take both the surveys?

Its easy!

  1. Log into your account and go to "My Applications tab".
  2. Select the opportunity you have been accepted for and take the assessment and the survey,

Feel like a standard wasn’t filled? Here’s how you can tell us.

  1. Contact your AIESEC Home Entity and report your experience.
  2. Contact your AIESEC Host Entity and report your experience.
  3. Check our Experience Programs Policy in order to determine as to What next?
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