Just imagine living in a world where we have outstanding leaders, people who will take actions for the world, ready to change, and positively impact their lives and others' lives.

Let's set this story. It takes place in 2030, a new world after COVID, a world that is so different, but it is better. It will be a world with more leaders. Why does having leaders make so much difference? They are more understanding and aware of the world, its cultures, and people. The more understanding, the less hatred, and discrimination can occur.

In this new world, everyone wakes up every day with a plan and a dream to achieve. Most people in this world are true leaders who are innovative and willing to do anything to make the world a better place; people who have lived through crises know how to work within one.

By having more leaders, we may have created a more peaceful world where everyone cares for each other and contributes to making the world better.
Let us not only hope this vision comes true; let's make it happen, be a leader, change your surroundings, impact the people around you. We have the power and the tools to create a world full of understanding. And that's what AIESEC as a leadership movement is all about.

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