The AIESEC entity in the destination country is responsible for either arranging the accommodation or providing support in the search for it. These obligations differ depending on the type of project you applied for:

Global Volunteer - Accommodation must be provided and covered
Global Talent (less than eight weeks) - Accommodation provided, optionally covered (for opportunities without salary)
Global Talent (more than eight weeks) - Accommodation provided, not covered
Global Teacher - Accommodation provided, not covered

*Provided: The service that AIESEC supports you to arrange without it being financially covered by AIESEC.
*Covered: The service that AIESEC financially supports you to have.

The provision of accommodation should be clearly stated for the opportunity listed on the AIESEC Platform.

Types of accommodation
Due to AIESEC being present in 110 + countries and territories, accommodation type can vary according to the country/ territory the experience will be realized, between host families, hostels, Intern House, AIESEC members owned/ rented flats, and in-NGO facilities. Regardless of type, the accommodation must follow the following minimums:

Single bed - You will have access to your bed, which can`t be a mattress on the floor.
Access to clean water - The accommodation has a plumbing system working
Access to a bathroom - Same as above
Access to electricity - The Accommodation has access to electricity*

Please be aware that some projects happen inside Reserves and may not count on electricity in the whole accommodation, but rather in specific parts.

You should receive the information regarding your accommodation type and location within two weeks after signing the contract. Since some of the exchanges are being planned way before its realization, the AIESEC Manager in the Destination country may inform you that more time is needed (due to logistics or timeline) for disclosing such information. If this is required, a new timeline is going to be presented and agreed upon.

Suppose you do not have this information at least two weeks before your Exchange Program takes place. In that case, we recommend that you contact the AIESEC Managers (from Home and Destination country) and inform them about this issue.

In case any changes of accommodation are needed, they must be informed and agreed upon between you and the AIESEC Managers. In this case, they will guide you through the process and proceed with an accommodation schedule (for projects that have different accommodations through the timeframe).

If they are unable to help you with this situation in 3 days, please contact the Entity Control Board and they will help you with this.

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