The AIESEC entity in the destination country is responsible for either arranging the accommodation or providing support in the search for it. These obligations differ depending on the type of project you applied for:

Global Volunteer - Accommodation must be provided and covered
Global Talent (less than eight weeks) - Accommodation provided, optionally covered (for opportunities without salary)
Global Talent (more than eight weeks) - Accommodation provided, not covered
Global Teacher - Accommodation provided, not covered

*Provided: The service that AIESEC supports you to arrange without it being financially covered by AIESEC.
*Covered: The service that AIESEC financially supports you to have.

For the Global Volunteer programs, it is common that Accommodation Fees are required. They are displayed onto the website and should be informed before signing the contract. Global Talent and Global Teacher opportunities do not have these fees. In case there are any discrepancies between the values or you are being charged an amount not stipulated before, please contact the AIESEC Managers from your Local Entity (Home and Destination country) for a resolution.

If they are unable to help you with this situation in 3 days, please contact the Entity control board and they will help you with this.

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