The AIESEC office in the country/ territory of destination is responsible for arranging the Accommodation or providing support in the search for it. These obligations differ depending on the type of project you applied for:

Global Volunteer - Accommodation must be provided and arranged.
Global Talent (less than eight weeks) - Accommodation provided, optionally covered (for opportunities without salary)
Global Talent (more than eight weeks) - Accommodation provided, not covered
Global Teacher - Accommodation provided, not covered

The provision of Accommodation should be clearly stated for the opportunity listed on the AIESEC website.

Types of Accommodation
Due to AIESEC being present in 110+ countries and territories, type of Accommodation can vary according to the country the experience will be realized, between host families, hostels, Intern House, AIESEC flats, and in-NGO facilities. Regardless of type, the Accommodation must obey the following minimums:

Single bed - You will have access to your bed, which can`t be a mattress on the floor.
Access to clean water - The Accommodation has a plumbing system working.
Access to a bathroom - Same as above.
Access to electricity - The Accommodation has access to electricity*.

In case your Accommodation does not meet the minimum requirements established above, please contact the AIESEC Managers from your Home and host offices for a resolution. In case a change of Accommodation is necessary, they will guide you through the process and proceed with the correct actions.

If they can not help you with this situation in 3 days, please contact the Entity Control Board, and they will help you with this.

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