Due to AIESEC being present in 110+ countries and territories, accommodation type can vary according to the country/ territory where the experience will be realized, between host families, hostels, Intern House, AIESEC members owned, and in-NGO/student dorms. Regardless of type, the Accommodation shall obey the minimums standards and also comply with our golden rule:

As an organization, we don’t discriminate based on ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or national/social origin.

What if I cannot practice my religion inside my Accommodation?
What if I am harassed inside my Accommodation?
What if I am uncomfortable inside my Accommodation?

In case you face any of the situations stated above, please contact the AIESEC Managers from both Destination and Home Country. If this was already done without success, please reach the Entity Control Board of AIESEC (Home and Destination country) as they will guide you through the process and proceed with the necessary adjustments.

Thank you so much for reading this; we hope it was helpful to you!
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