Due to AIESEC being present in 110+ countries and territories, the type of Accommodation can vary according to the country/ territory where the experience will be realized in between host families, hostels, Intern House, AIESEC members owned/ rented flats, and in-NGO/student dorms. Regardless of type, the Accommodation shall obey the following minimums:

Single bed - You will have access to your bed, which can`t be a mattress on the floor.
Access to clean water - The Accommodation has a plumbing system working
Access to a bathroom - Same as above
Access to electricity - The Accommodation has access to electricity*

Please be aware that some projects happen inside Reserves and may not count on electricity in the whole Accommodation, but rather in specific parts of it.

What if in my Accommodation there isn’t a bathroom?
What if I am sleeping on a mattress on the floor?
What if I need to share my bed with another person

In case your Accommodation does not meet the minimum requirements established above, please contact the AIESEC Managers from your home and host offices for a resolution. In case a change of Accommodation is necessary, they will guide you through the process and proceed with the correct needed actions. It’s essential that if you have medical conditions (allergies, etc.), you communicate this information since the beginning, to ensure your Accommodation will not expose you to anything that might affect your health.

If they cannot help you with this situation in 3 days, please contact the Entity Control Board and they will help you with this.

Thank you so much for reading this; we hope it was helpful to you!
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