The Remote Feature refers to starting the experience remotely, before the official physical start of the exchange in the destination country "realization" happens. The use of this feature is for making start dates more flexible and providing a wider variety of opportunities to the Exchange Participants, as most Opportunity Providers need interns that can start as soon as possible. Still, visa issues and processes tend to delay it. This can also apply in case of travel restrictions, such as borders closing due to COVID-19.

It is only available for Global Talent and Global Teacher Programs.
The Remote Feature is only applicable for opportunities longer than three (3) months.
The Remote Feature duration can be a maximum of half of the total duration. (e.g., if the opportunity duration is six (6) months, the maximum duration for the remote feature is of three (3) months.)
The remote part of the internship's working hours is agreed between the Exchange Participant and Opportunity provider before the internship starts. (But the physical part must have a minimum of thirty-five (35) hours/week, maximum of forty-five (45) hours/week)
There are salaries for the remote part of the exchange (whether monthly or in a single payment after the physical part starts)
A Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) needs to be signed to protect the internal data, and the company/organization's privacy.

Who can apply?

Suppose you are applying for opportunities with the remote feature. In that case, you should be willing to demonstrate their professional and teamwork skills as the remote duration requires you to be committed and passionate about the job descriptions mentioned in the opportunities. Also, you need to be aware that you are liable for any legal registration or tax responsibilities that would occur due to the remote or physical part of the internship.

What about companies/organizations?
They will provide an adequate remote and physical working environment to ensure wou won't be put at risk or suffer any kind of harassment or discrimination by race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, creed, and religion, national, ethnic social origin, age. They will also provide clear guidance upon the remote working routine and provide support during this period and be responsible for your engagement with the company.

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