Sometimes the hurry is huge before an exchange starts; if you are not paying attention enough, you can end up doing the wrong things, such as applying for the wrong visa type.

If you realized after entering the country that you have the wrong visa, do not panic; ask for help!

When the problem comes up, the first thing you need to do is:
Contact the AIESEC Host office representative, the company/ organization you work at, and the AIESEC Home office about the situation
AIESEC Host office needs to monitor if you can stay in the country during the visa change.
If they are unable to help you with this situation in 3 days, please contact the Entity control board, and they will help you with this

The support AIESEC Host office needs to give you:
Support with communication and giving information during the whole process.
In case no suitable solution was proposed. If the fault were due to the AIESEC side's wrong advice during the visa process, you would be compensated according to the compensation policy written in the AIESEC Exchange Product Policy and the refund policy written in the contract you signed with your AIESEC Home office.

Thank you so much for reading this; we hope it was helpful to you!
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