Within some of our opportunities, we offer free or included benefits; these are usually labeled as "COVERED." If you have applied and gone on your exchange, you must be granted all benefits you were promised as "COVERED" on the opportunity at AIESEC.ORG. These should also meet what you are promised during your alignment before signing your contract with your AIESEC Home office.

While this is a very uncommon occurrence, we appreciate that unexpected issues may arise, But please do not worry. We are well prepared for all these possible setbacks to make your exchange AMAZING.

First things first, you don't have to pay for anything you have been promised as covered. If you are being forced to spend money by the organization or company for services that were promised to be covered, please let us know right away. Contact the AIESEC office in your host country, informing them of the situation; they will take care of the problem.

Be very aware that once on the exchange, the AIESEC host office mustn't charge you for extra expenses either (If you are going on a Global Volunteer, you might be asked for an Opportunity Fee, but you would be informed before signing the contract). If you are asked to pay for anything, inform your AIESEC office in your home country, and they will clear this situation for you and guide you on the next steps.

If you have to spend extra money due to these issues, rest assured, you will be reimbursed for those expenses. However, we require receipts or similar to guarantee said reimbursement; you can keep the physical receipts or take pictures and save them in a folder (this is also very helpful for keeping track of your expenses). Please note, It is a requirement for Exchange Participants to inform AIESEC regarding their exchange issues as early as possible. If you do not complain during your exchange about these inconveniences, you will not receive a refund.

We can conclude with three steps to follow, one, DO NOT PAY anything before double-checking, two, raise a complaint ASAP (if necessary), and three keep track any proof of your expenses; we'll do the rest for you!

Thank you so much for reading this; we hope it was helpful to you!
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