If you want to narrow down your choices when looking for an opportunity to stay, you can use search filters.

For the most accurate results, always start your search by choosing your product, destination and travel dates.

Descriptions for filters:

Other filters are available as well, some of which can be found by selecting More Filters below the filters that are showing.

Languages: Choose opportunities where you need to speak a language you're comfortable with.
Skills: This is helpful if you need to find an opportunity that requires a specific skill.
Academic Background: Find opportunities where you are going to put in practice your knowledge.

The filters also change based on the product:

Global Volunteer: we are offering the possibility to filter by the Sustainable Development Goal you want to contribute to. You can also filter by opportunities that cover Food or Accommodation

Global Talent: we have a lot of opportunities from our premium partners and you can easily filter to only see those opportunities.**Global Entrepreneur:** You can filter by opportunities that cover Food or Accommodation

We're always trying to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for. Sometimes, that means adding new search filters, and other times, it means removing filters. So the filters we offer will change over time.

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