The Entity Control Board is the independent body in charge of ensuring compliance to the internal governance system of AIESEC and managing the quality cases raised against entities and violations regarding experience delivery. They are the final decision-making power on matters involving the AIESEC Exchange Program Policies.

In case you face one of the below:

Difficulties in reaching agreements with your AIESEC Home or Host offices related to the exchange experience.
Exchange Standards not being delivered/being poorly delivered
Mismatching on the product offered - product received.
Violations to AIESEC Exchange Program Policies
Difficulties with communication with AIESEC Entities (Home or Destination)
Faced any harassment experiences.
Witnessed any misconduct / improper behavior from AIESECers/stakeholders.

Please reach the Entity Control Board of your Home Country and Destination country. Write them an email with all relevant information in English. You can find their contacts here. Please mind that by being an independent body, most of them are internationals and may be in different time zones than the one you are.

After contact, they will assess your situation and return with steps to proceed with claims or with extra information needed.

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