I am approved on a project and my flight date is soon and I don`t know what my accommodation is. What should I do?

AIESEC office in the country you will travel to, MUST provide you with all information regarding your exchange! Contact the AIESEC office in your home country and inform them of this situation; they will guide you on the next steps.

What should I do if my acomodation is not what was promised?

We are sorry to hear that! You have all the right to complain regarding this situation. You must be informed at least two weeks before your travel date. Please notify both AIESEC offices in your Home and Host countries. They will find a solution for your circumstances. You can find more information regarding complaints in section 5 of the AIESEC Exchange Product Policy.

Is it a normal situation occurance/ situation to be asked to sleep on a mattress on the floor at the accommodation I am provided with?

No, We do not consider a mattress on the floor to be an acceptable sleeping condition, you must be provided with a single bed in any opportunity! Contact both AIESEC offices, the one in your country and the one in your exchange country. They will find a solution to your circumstances! however, be mindful that this might be the standard living condition in the community you arrive; thus, make sure to understand the expected logistics provided (the AIESEC office at your destination must be ready to provide you with all these information, at least two weeks before your arrival)

When will I know where my Host Family or place of accommodation is?

You should be provided with all the information related to your Accommodation, working conditions, and duration of the exchange before you are approved and signed the contract with the AIESEC office in your home country to go on the exchange.

Do all volunteers live with a host family?

No, not necessarily. The type of accommodation can vary according to the country in which the experience will be realized between host families, hostels, Intern House, AIESEC members rented and owned flats, and in-NGO/student dorms. It should be communicated to you before your approval on the opportunity.
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