Did the Global Talent program change? If yes, how

Yes! There are a few improvements that we have done do our Global Talent program:
Before July 2020, Global Talent opportunities were within the 6 to 12 months as duration. After July 2020, Global Talent provides you with a broader variety of options with opportunity durations starting from 6 weeks. Moreover, all of the new Global Talent opportunities offer you an improved set of benefits:
All opportunities longer than three months will provide you with a salary, while shorter opportunities (between 6 and 12 weeks long) will either offer you a salary or cover the expenses of your accommodation during your experience.
Keep in mind that before July 2020, you could find Global Talent opportunities in teaching. From now on, you will find those opportunities under our new program, Global Teacher.

What to do if the company is requesting me to sign new documents?

No, nobody can force you to sign anything unless you are sure about what you will sign and that it will not affect you in any negative way. In case you already signed a document that goes against any expectation set with you, before the start of your AIESEC Exchange or that goes against what`s written in the opportunity description on aiesec.org, it will automatically get disqualified.

Why does AIESEC charge Project Fees for some GV opportunities?

Project fees are the fees required to cover any logistics needed during the exchange. Some Global Volunteer exchanges require TN fees to cover your exchange's logistics costs such as Accommodation, Airport Pick up, or any logistic service needed. If there is a TN fee required, it must be written in the opportunity description. It can't be any different from the amount written there. If otherwise is happening, please contact your AIESEC Home Entity.

What if I get lost at the destination point?

Please make sure that you ask for the most appropriate contact number for our AIESEC representatives at your destination before traveling. In case you get lost at any time, contact the AIESEC representatives who have been guiding you through your exchange and ask for the next steps. It is always essential to have sufficient funds for your exchange, including an emergency fund you can use to encounter unexpected situations (such as this one). It is recommended to travel with cash and have a card to make international payments to make things easier for you. Be prepared, ask the right questions, and stay calm. Regardless of the circumstances, please keep a record of all expenses, take pictures of the receipts, and save them.

What if I spend all my money or get robbed?

It is always essential to have sufficient funds for your exchange and calculate your expenses to ensure your funds will be enough for your whole exchange. It is recommended to have a card that can make international payments easier for you in case of emergencies. In case of robbery, make sure to report it to the local authorities.

Can I do an internship for less than six weeks?

Unfortunately no, all AIESEC exchanges are designed to be at least six weeks, since that amount of time is proven to be sufficient for the development of leadership skills and cultural integration.

Whom should I contact in case there are problems with my project?

First, please contact the AIESEC office in your host and home countries, inform them of any issue you are presenting. In case no solution is found within 72 hours, contact the Entity Control Board. They will guide you on the next steps and actively work to solve your issues and ensure you have an excellent experience!

What can I do outside of my project/internship working hours?

Outside of your working hours (that must not be affected), you are free to engage in any activity you'd like. However, these activities must not violate any country or company/NGOs laws/rules or regulations. They should not (under any circumstance) affect your performance in any negative way.

When should I book my flights?

We know you are super excited to go on your exchange, but hold your horses just a moment. We always recommend purchasing your flight tickets only AFTER you have successfully obtained the required documentation (visa/work permit /insurance / etc.) to start your exchange.

What should I do when my buddy is not answering me anymore?

Please get in contact with any AIESEC representative from both your AIESEC office in your home and host country and deliver the issue or the doubt you are having to them. Or contact your Home or Host AIESEC Offices through their social media platforms, you may find them here.

I have exams. Can I shift my exchange?

We advise you to plan your exchange when available, so you enjoy all the experience with no interruptions! Make sure you set a date that fits your availability and doesn't clash with your school activities. However, you can contact the AIESEC office in your host country to see if there is any possibility to change the start and end date of the exchange in a way that complies with the opportunity provider.

I can't pay for a flight ticket. Can I still go abroad?

There may be other, more affordable ways of transportation, but this, of course, depends on your destination. If flight tickets are your only available option. you must plan your trip once you have enough savings to cover your travel expenses and other expenses related to your exchange (visa, food, etc.)

I have applied for an opportunity and it has been cancelled. What should I do?

The AIESEC office in your host country should offer you new options within two weeks from when you were notified of this cancellation. These new options will cover the same job description and benefits or conditions stated in your canceled project. Suppose they are unable to provide you with suitable options. In that case, you will be reimbursed for the expenses you've had so far according to the compensation policy written in the AIESEC Exchange Product Policy and the refund policy noted in the contract you signed with the AIESEC office in your Home country.

My opportunity has been postponed but those dates are not suitable for me. What can I do?

Please contact the AIESEC office in your home country. They will contact the AIESEC office in the country of your exchange and find a suitable solution for you to start in the period you had previously set. If no resolution is found, you will be entitled to reimbursement as per the clauses of the contract you have signed with your AIESEC home office and the AIESEC Exchange Product Policy.

Is it possible to arrive earlier and stay longer in the destination I have applied for?

Yes, you can travel earlier or stay longer. Still, the period outside of the stated in your opportunity is outside of AIESEC jurisdiction, you would be responsible for yourself during said times. It is essential to be aware that this might affect your legality in the country based on the applicable visa regulations, so make sure you know the relevant legislation and sanctions before making such a decision.

Is it possible to have two opportunities in a row one after another?

YES! But it can't be with the same company or organization of the same job description! If these conditions are met, it is a BIG YES!

I have already bought plane tickets, but my opportunity has been cancelled/postponed. What should I do in this situation?

We are sorry to hear that! Please communicate with the AIESEC office in your home country and inform them about your situation. They will guide you through the next steps and work on a solution with the AIESEC office in the destination you planned to travel to. In less than 14 days, both entities will offer you at least two new projects with the same/similar job description within the same or very similar timeline for your travel. In case we are unable to provide you with new opportunities, we recommend you cancel your tickets and ask for a refund from the airline; they should reimburse most of the amount you spent. This and other extra expenses related to your internship process shall be covered by the AIESEC office in your host country according to the AIESEC Exchange Program Policy and the policy applicable for AIESEC in your country of origin (the AIESEC office you signed up with). Please check these with your AIESEC representatives as there are small differences between the policies applicable based on location

I have applied and paid for an opportunity but I won't be able to go. Can l get a refund?

We are sorry to hear that! You can get a refund, but only if the situations listed below apply to your circumstances: Medical/health emergency (proof required), Family emergency (proof required), Natural disaster State of emergency declared in host entity. Any refund situation must comply with the policy applicable to the AIESEC office in your home country. Please check these with your AIESEC representatives as there are small differences between the policies applicable based on location.

What should I do if the project hasn't started?

First, we advise you to contact the AIESEC office in your home country! They will guide you and help you find a solution so that your project starts as soon as possible!

Where can I find my rights and responsibilities regarding the AIESEC exchange?

You can find all your rights and responsibilities as an Exchange Participant with AIESEC in the AIESEC Exchange Product Policy.
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