Can I start my experience remotely without traveling from my country?

The Remote Feature refers to starting the experience remotely, before the official physical start of the exchange in the destination country “realization” happens. The use of this feature is to make start dates more flexible, and providing a wider variety of opportunities to the Exchange Participants, as most Opportunity Providers need interns that can start as soon as possible, but visa issues and processes tend to delay it. It can also apply in case of travel restrictions, such as borders closing due to COVID-19.

I am in my remote part, but my salary is not being paid/JD is not mathcing, etc. what should I do?

While this is a very uncommon occurrence, we appreciate that unexpected issues may arise. First, contact the AIESEC entity hosting your exchange and discuss it with the project responsible in the company/organization where you are doing your exchange. You should also contact the AIESEC office from your home country. Salary issues may vary according to circumstances and the type of issue you are presenting. We advise you to read the following articles.

I'm in the host country, can I work from home?

If it is agreed and communicated between you (the exchange participant) and your internship company alongside your AIESEC Host office, nothing goes against such a working circumstance.
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