Do I need an Invitation letter from AIESEC for my Visa?

The Invitation Letter (or IL) provided by AIESEC helps speed up your Visa process. The IL serves as proof that you have been officially invited to the aforementioned Country to Volunteer on a particular project. 
You can contact your local AIESEC representative in order to obtain your IL after you have applied for an opportunity after your initial Leadership Development Assessment (LDA) and signing your Acceptance Note (AN).

How can I apply for my Visa?

The link of the required visa is always provided under the "Visa" section of an opportunity. You can access the given link to start with your process. If at all the link is missing in your desired opportunity, you can contact your local AIESEC office or representative to assist you with your process.

What should I do if I don't know my visa process?

The AIESEC office in your host country is prepared to guide you and provide all the information you might need regarding your visa process. They might give you step-by-step guidance or point you to the appropriate webpage/ document detailing all you need to know. Make sure to follow these steps carefully and ask our local AIESEC representatives from your country of destination any questions.

What is next if my visa is denied?

Please inform both the AIESEC offices in your country and the AIESEC where you intend to travel; they help you find the most suitable solution that fits your particular situation.
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