One of the most common harassment situations involve differences in religious beliefs. Some countries can be stringent on how you should behave or dress because of their religious views. AIESEC remains tolerant of all people and their religious beliefs. However, you may meet situations where you are criticized or harassed by other people. This can be people that have provided you with accommodation, who have prohibited certain behaviors or actions that directly impact your ability to practice your religious habits or anyone else on the street.

If, unfortunately, you do get harassed, you should talk to the AIESEC managers in your host and home country. They will make sure you will be heard, and they will support you at all times. Together with the Harassment Prevention Committee, they will investigate the case and try to solve the situation. If you have any proof that you have been harassed in any way, please keep it and show it to them. They will handle it with total discretion.

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