Meeting and working with different people can be exciting. Sometimes you can find yourself in situations where someone you work with harasses you. Examples of such situations may include the following:

Manipulating your personal or professional reputation through spreading rumors, degrading remarks, or making fun of you.
Making it understood that you have psychological problems and trying to make you go for a psychological examination or diagnosis
Making fun of gestures, voice, physical appearance, disabilities, giving people nicknames, etc.
Criticizing your nationality, political or religious attitudes and beliefs, private life, etc.

Of course, the situations above are not the only situations where you can be harassed by someone who is also on the program. These are the most common situations that can happen.

If, unfortunately, you do get harassed, you should talk to the AIESEC managers in your host and home country. They will make sure you will be heard, and they will support you at all times. Together with the Harassment Prevention Committee, they will investigate the case and try to solve the situation. If you have any proof that you have been harassed in any way, please keep it and show it to them. They will handle it with total discretion.

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