Our main channel of communication on our platform **AIESEC.org** is a service called Crisp. This service allows you to talk to us right on our platform.

All you need to do is to click on the blue button on the bottom right! 

Blue Icon

This will allow you to open a conversation with us! 

Chat Window

Sometimes we will also message you proactively to let you know about promotions or ask for your feedback!

Some users have reported that Crisp does not work for them. In that case, you can also reach us by email at **_help@aiesec.org_**_._

Please note, that our responsibility is mostly to support you for anything related to our platform **AIESEC.org** or to answer any questions about AIESEC in general. If you have any questions towards your exchange experience, in particular, we advise you to get in touch with your Experience Manager.

You can find his/her contact details in your profile on AIESEC.org.

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