The total price of any exchange program consists of two elements : 

The Registration Fees: vary depending on your home country and is paid after being accepted.
The Project Fees: this fee is fixed by your destination's entity (host entity) and may differ depending on the opportunity and city chosen. It can cover various costs needed to make the project happen (the list of the costs covered will appear if you click on more information under the price).

How is the currency converted?

The base exchange rate uses data from one or more third parties, such as OANDA. It's updated regularly, but may not be identical to the real-time market rate.

How to check the price of an exchange program?

Step1: Click on any opportunity on

Step2: Refer to the picture below:

For more details click on "Fee Details"

Can the price of my exchange change?

The Registration fee is very unlikely to change, however, as the other costs are dependent on external parties they could vary.

Once you have signed the Acceptance Note for the opportunity, the price will no longer be able to change.

Note that the price for both the project fee & registration fee is mentioned in the Acceptance Note you need to sign after being accepted. In case a volunteer on site asks you to pay for more than the price you agreed to, you can signal this request by contacting your Experience Manager.

You can find the contact of your Experience Manager in your profile on _aiesec.org_

When & How can I ask for a refund?

In case of non-respect of our Exchange Program Policies, you may be eligible for a refund. In which case you will need to contact your Experience Manager to support you in your request. Your refund amount is determined by the nature of the breach in policies.

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