Your application is the reflection of yourself. The more effective and comprehensive your application is, the better your chances of being approved for the opportunity. And to make an effective application, you need an effective profile.

First things first!!

Here is how to make your profile.

After you Sign Up on scroll to the right of your screen and from the drop-down menu, click on the "Profile" option and start creating your profile.

Now here are a few things that you can take into consideration while creating your profile.


Give a detailed description of your skills. The more you are able to define yourself, the more will be your chances of matching with the skills required for the opportunity.

Level of Expertise:

Mention the levels of expertise in each of your skills. Say, for example, You are well versed with the French but your fluency with English is better. So you can add in both the Languages and can mark French as "Intermediate" and whereas you can mark English as "Advance". This information also helps the opportunity provided to design your activities and plans accordingly.

Add your Academic and Professional Experiences:

Your Academic experience adds to your profile. Although it is not the most important factor of assessment, it certainly adds up to your experience and profile.

Be Honest:

Be honest about yourself in the application. Like I said before the profile will be the reflection of your true self

Hope this helps!!

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