Heeey you, do you applied for an opportunity and want to know what to do now? Do you want to have an excellent proccess? Do you want to do this as quickly as possible? SO THIS ARTICLE IS PERFECT FOR YOU

This is how to work our selection proccess in each product:

Global Volunteer:
The proccess is veery simple. First, see in the opportunity page which skills and requirements they seek:

If you check with everything, just wait for the interview with the host entity. DON'T WORRY, this interview isn't harsh, it is just for allignments and if your profile matches with the project they offer(and sometimes to see if you have knowledge about the language that they require for the project). 

After the interview, Check with then to see if you are accepted and, if you are, just pay the fee and fill your LDA that you will just have to prepare for the trip  ❤️

(Some entities also ask you to fill a form, so check with your home comittee if this the case)

Global Entrepreneur:

The Global Entrepeneur's proccess is simple as well, the main difference relies on the startup's requirements. Generally, they seek people with more skills in a specific area. Take this for example:

This is an IT project that requires some skills. See in the opportunity page the requirements and if you are ok with all of the requirements, IT'S YOUR CHANCE! GO GO GO!

Global Talent:

The Global Talent's proccess, differently of the Global Volunteer and the Global Entrepeneur, as we deal with companies, the proccess is more selective. Each company has its own selection proccess but basically it is based on interviews. Here is some tips for you to be the best one!

Work out your curriculum - This is one of the most requirements of the companies.
Have some previous experience \- Maybe a Global Volunteer or Global Entrepreneur will help you with that!
Be safe when speaking a foreign language - If you wrote in your curriculum that you have a good english, prove that!
Stay calm - Don't be nervous, it's going to be all right!

That's it! Hope you have the best proccess ever!

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