Heeey, this article is for you that found your dream project, applied for it and didn't received contact from anybody. Here is "WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU WANT TO TRAVEL A LOT BUT WANT TO BE CONTACTED AS WELL"

1) Look for the nearest AIESEC office, contact them that you have already applied to the project and want to know the next steps.

2)Seek for the "HOST AIESEC office" session on the page of the project that you applied. In this section, it will show you the email of the Committee that you will be your host. Found the email and then send an email to them telling that you applied and want to continues the process

3) Look for similar projects but in other places! Maybe you will find the same project but in a committee that will pay more attention to your experience!

That's it! Hope you find the project that will change your life!

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