In today’s competitive world, being a leader rather than a boss can boost performance and guarantee success. But considering how people make this turn, it is essential to emphasize on the divergence of the elements that make the person either a boss or a leader. There are many differences between bosses and leaders. Team Leaders, Supervisors, or managers should consistently analyze their leadership styles to ensure they are successfully leading their teams. A strong and effective leader motivates their team, encourages high performance, and creates a happy working environment, so what does a boss do?

Imagine in a company, there is a leader, and his employee, “Asmaa” is the leader, and “Abir” is the employee. Asmaa gave a task to Abir to do within a deadline that should be respected, but Abir didn’t. She sent the task after the deadline. Before making any decision, Asmaa decided to talk to Abir about it and try to understand from Abir’s perspective why the task was not delivered on time; she tried to understand and then agreed on a solution for avoiding future tasks to arrive after the deadlines.

And now imagine a boss in the same situation, this time, “Asmaa” is a boss and “Abir” is the employee. Asmaa gave a task with a deadline that should be respected, but Abir submitted the task after the deadline due to unknown problems. Then, Asmaa decided that Abir deserved a sanction.
Here, we can see the difference between being a leader and being a boss; a leader works with his team, while a boss is giving orders to his team. And here, we can say that right now, in the actual time, the solution for the world’s problems is leadership.

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