While this is a very uncommon occurrence, we appreciate that unexpected issues may arise In terms of Visa related issues or work permits.

Follow these steps to solve the issue:
Contact AIESEC Home and AIESEC Host offices about the issue.
Try to look after the country's authority regarding the visa and residence requirements; maybe you can solve the country's issue. However, you always try to consult the AIESEC Host office or the company/organization you are working at during your exchange before pursuing any legal action in the country of your exchange.
If your host or home offices are not providing you with needed assistance or not answering you, please refer to your home AIESEC office's entity control board. They will surely provide you with any needed help.

In case no suitable solution was proposed, if the fault was due to wrong advice from AIESEC side during the visa process or complete lack of assistance that resulted to any sort of damage to you, you will be compensated according to the compensation policy written in the AIESEC Exchange Product Policy and the refund policy written in the contract you signed with your AIESEC Home Entity .

Thank you so much for reading this; we hope it was helpful to you!
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