While this is a very uncommon occurrence, we do appreciate that unexpected issues may arise. In terms of Visa related issues, if you do not receive the needed help or legitimate documents from AIESEC home or AIESEC host offices, Please pursue the following:

In case the AIESEC Host office is not answering:
Turn to the AIESEC Home office to push the other side for the action steps.
If it is not happening, ask for the responsible on the national level to help (Member Committee- National representative) of your AIESEC home or host office.
If the AIESEC Host office is still not answering, the AIESEC Home office should turn to the Entity Control Board, who can push the other party’s action.

In case AIESEC Home is not answering:
Please refer to the Entity Control Board of your AIESEC home office to make sure you get the needed guidance and assistance.

Thank you so much for reading this; we hope it was helpful to you!
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