You're probably wondering what this "extra fee" is. You've already paid for your internship fee, visa, flight tickets, among other necessary expenses according to your destination. But don't worry, the project or trainee (TN) fee is required to cover any logistics needed during your exchange.

It is more common to find this fee in Global Volunteer internships. Some require them to cover your exchange's logistics costs, such as Accommodation, Airport Pick up, or any other logistic service needed in that particular place you are traveling to.

However, please note that if there is a TN fee required, it must be written in the opportunity description, and it can't be any different from the amount written there. In other words, you cannot be forced to pay if this wasn't specified in the opportunity, and even if it is, you cannot be charged a higher amount than promised.

To wrap things up, the TN fee is not required in every opportunity, but if it is, it will be used to make sure the logistics of your arrival and stay in the country/ territory are as smooth as possible.

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