A complaint is a statement that demonstrates something is unsatisfactory or unacceptable. In terms of AIESEC, we provide multiple services such as accommodation, follow up, communication, etc. while this is a very uncommon occurrence, we appreciate that unexpected issues may arise regarding any of our services provided or delivered. Therefore, we welcome feedback or complaint directed by our customers, and through this article, you will know how and when to complain.

AIESEC has the responsibility to provide space for complaint and assist it. If a problem occurs, the first thing you should do is to let AIESEC offices in your home and host country know about the situation. They will try to assist you in the best possible manner; it is essential to be proactive in reporting the complaint and cooperating to find the solution.

Platforms & Procedures to approach AIESEC with a complaint:
It is always recommended to communicate your complaint through email, even if it will also be communicated through any other platform or channel to have it documented.

There is a procedure in our policies in which you can use to make your complaint accordingly. You should always report to the AIESEC office in your host country and your internship's company/organization concerning any issue you face related to your exchange once it arises. This is very mandatory to solve the issue successfully. You should also keep proof of the problem you are facing to prove what went wrong.

There are 3 phases to fulfill a complaint:
First phase:
Raise the complaint to AIESEC.
Both parties need to be proactive in solving the problem, respecting the policies written in the AIESEC Exchange Product Policy.
The issue needs to be communicated to both AIESEC Home & AIESEC Host offices.
Both AIESEC Home and Host offices have 24 hours to acknowledge receiving the complaint.
Second phrase:
the AIESEC offices in your Home or Host need to present a solution to you in written format
The complaint party (You) has 48 hours to decide whether to accept or not (considering you in the decision)
If the solution is not accepted, the complaint needs to be escalated to the third phase.
Third phase:
The national Product responsible for the exchanges in both AIESEC Home and Host offices should be involved in the negotiation and find a suitable solution within 24 hours. If not possible, the complaint needs to be escalated to the Entity Control Board.

Thank you so much for reading this; we hope it was helpful to you!
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