AIESEC offers three different products, Global Volunteer, Global Talent & Global Teacher. In all of them, you may find additional benefits provided by the company or organization with whom you will pursue your internship. Benefits are common, especially for Global Volunteers, where you most likely will be offered at least a meal a day during the period of your exchange, or other kinds of benefits.

Benefits vary since these are offered by the NGOs or Companies taking AIESEC Exchange Participants (YOU), they can offer one or more meals a day, transportation, computer, etc. We can’t be too specific because all benefits vary depending on the info display in the website.

If you are interested in knowing what extra benefits you can get in the opportunities you are interested in, we kindly invite you to read all the info displayed in the benefits section on every opportunity page. It is essential to highlight that everything you find displayed within the opportunity page (from meals to salary or working hours) must be provided accordingly. It would be best if you always were offered what you signed up for.

Thank you so much for reading this; we hope it was helpful to you!
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