The following are the documents that you need to sign and explanation:

Acceptance note:

Acceptance note is the confirmation from the Exchange Participant of their availability and willingness to accept the opportunity offered from the AIESEC website ( When you sign and send this letter, the exchange is considered Accepted from both sides.

Approval contract with the AIESEC office in your home country:

The Approval contract is the contract to confirm your enrolment on the exchange program in which you sign with the AIESEC office of your home country.
Fulfill any legal or tax responsibilities that occur due to their remote part of the internship.
Fulfill the job descriptions and working hours that are agreed with the Opportunity Provider before the approval happened.

Any other contract:

The AIESEC office in your home or host country may have contracts required for legal purposes.
These must be disclosed and explained during the time of your approval on the internship.
Any contract that includes Job description details or salary regulation must be informed at the time of being Approved on the internship opportunity.

Keep in mind:

As per our internal policies, you shouldn't sign any paper without your AIESEC office in your home or host country awareness.
No contract should violate AIESEC's Exchange program policies.
Suppose the papers are in your disadvantage by any means or not clear. In that case, you cannot be forced to sign under any circumstance, firstly refuse to sign and refer the AIESEC office in your host country to talk with the AIESEC office in your home country.

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