Okay!! So let's keep this one short and simple! 

Here is what you can do:

Carry American Dollars (USD) :

The most ideal option of currency to be carried. Dollars are exchangeable at Airports and can also be easily exchanged at local currency exchange outlets. 

     Local Currency :

The local currency is the best option if your shopaholic self wants to take a stroll in the markets or your sinful stomach calls for the delicacies around. You can easily exchange your Dollars to the local one and use it as per your requirements. (wisely I might say

      Enable your cards for International transactions:

Before you begin with your AIESEC exchange make sure you enable the facility of international transactions on your Debit (or Credit 😄 ) card and also consult a representative from your bank who can advise you about the same, it will help you make sure that you can withdraw money in the Local currency without any fuss! 

Still, have a doubt? Reach your EP manager to give you additional information 

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