Wrongful dismissal happens when the employer dismisses you without just or sufficient cause.

Situations where the employer is eligible to end your internship according to the AIESEC Exchange Program Policy:
The following conditions are situations where the employer can dismiss you

You do not have an official working or living permit upon arrival in the Host Country.
You provided false information about your work experience, academic background, or language proficiency and are unable to fulfill your role as specified on the AIESEC platform
You do not fulfill your job description/working hours, even after receiving at least two formal written warnings where AIESEC in the Host Country was in copy.
You broke the Host Country's law or continuously violated the organization's internal regulations despite being warned or aware of them.

What should you do:
If your employer wrongfully dismisses you, you should talk to the AIESEC managers in your host and home country. They will make sure your voice is heard, and they will support you at all times. Together with the Entity Control Board, they will investigate the case and try to solve the situation. If you have any proof that your employer wrongfully dismissed you, please keep it and show it to them. They will handle it with total discretion.

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